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Sound Socialization Training
On August,26-27-28, the biggest European dog show of the year will take place in Brussels, Belgium. About 15.000 international dogs and breeders are expected to participate! And we, from Royal Canin, are the largest sponsor of this European dog show. I contact you to participate in our ‘wall of innovation’ on our Royal Canin stand What’s the deal?

In our ‘innovation dog corner’ we would like to present your ‘sound socialization disk’ + make publicity to order it. With our Royal Canin team we will inform all interested breeders on the quality and usefulness of this product and redirect interested people to your website.

“I’m also convinced of the interest for puppies to be well socialized, and as such Sound Socialization is a good idea for breeders who often lack the time to have these puppies in the kennel socialized with all kind of noises. It’s easy and user-friendly for the breeder, and helps the beginning of socialization at the breeder unit. As a veterinarian I’m familiar and fond of the Sound Socialization sound disk, so making publicity should be very easy”

Els Van Haver, DVM, Training & Scientific Communication, Royal Canin

Your CD’s arrived yesterday! It’s perfect! The other team members are also enthusiastic about the CD!

European Dog Show Sponsor Royal Canin and Angel Dog Sound Socialization 2016 web