Angel Dog Sound Socialization v2019 Cover web

It’s the same Angel Dog Sound Socialization you know and trust – even better!

Fresh from the recording sound studio is the 2019 updated version, including improving detailed training strategies as well as updating soundtracks to provide a superior training experience. We are thrilled to share it with you because every dog deserves a relaxed, calm & confident life in our ever louder, sound-stimulating world.

What better way to announce the revision than with a new cover? It’s the same great product you’ve known and loved – improved. The same is true for our new cover.

Our cover dog is Sky, a German Shepherd Dog. She came to Canine Pet Rescue of Dacula, GA in need of love and care. She got that and was eventually adopted into a new family and now lives a wonderful life on a beautiful spread in North Carolina. Sky represents the hope for all dogs to be cared for in loving families who provide the best for their fur child.

In addition to a new design, we chose to go plastic-free. Our new cover is eco-friendly and is in alignment with our commitment to caring for our earth and its inhabitants.

There are so many reasons to love the NEW Angel Dog Sound Socialization training, don’t you agree! But the most important is of course our commitment to improving the lives of our beloved canine friends.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could help every single dog achieve a relaxed, calm and confident life? We will continue our commitment to this cause. Please join us.