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I’m also convinced of the interest for puppies to be well socialized, and as such a sound disk is a good idea for breeders who often lack the time to have these puppies in the kennel socialized with all kind of noises. It’s easy and user-friendly for the breeder, and helps the beginning of socialization at the breeder unit. As a veterinarian I’m familiar and fond of this sound disk, so making publicity is very easy. -Els Van Haver, Communication & Education, Training & Scientific Communication, Royal Canin Belux, Belgium


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Effective Training For Thunder-phobia

Napolian’s thunder-phobia is so much better!  We used Sound Socialization to counter-condition Napolian and his sister along with several training methods specifically for Napolian.  It made such a difference!  We asked O’Neal for her permission to share her training with the vets and trainers we used throughout the years to help them help others with these effective methods. Thank you!  Sheryl L.

(Napolian repeatedly ate through walls and fences to “get away” from the thunder.  Sheryl was using prison grade fencing at home to keep Napolian safe and unharmed and to stop property damage. Sheryl and her family searched years for solutions from vets, trainers, and anyone, while in Alaska and in several cities before finding Sound Socialization training.)

I’ve been using Sound Socialization training with my 11-year old thunder-phobic dog for less than a month and I am grateful to say it is making a notable difference for my dog.  He is calmer during storms and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far.  Thank you.  –Ron J

Connemara TerrierIdeal Puppy Socialization Begins With The Breeders

We highly recommend and use Sound Socialization training CD with all of our litters. This socialization makes a positive impact on the quality of life for a puppy. Our pups learn to accept and be perfectly at ease with sounds in general.  They will not be fearful, nervous, or uncomfortable by environmental sounds or stimuli.

Beginning with week 5, we play the Sound Socialization training CD for them, increasing the volume every few days.

By the time the puppies are 7 weeks old, they have been desensitized to many sounds and begin to ignore the sound training – sleeping, playing and going about their business as usual!  These exercises help raise a more confident and relaxed dog when it comes to loud or unusual noise.  –Sheila, Connemara Terrier

Thank you for getting the Sound Socialization Training CD to me so promptly. I have already started my new litter on it and the training really helps the older dogs with sound socialization.  I do appreciate having this – it does lot of the socialization stuff in one place. –Susan

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Service Animals Using Sound Socialization

Sound Socialization is part of our training program.  Dogs are exposed to various sounds until undisturbed by loud noises.  A service dog performs his duties despite distractions.  We recommend this training for all dogs. –Jennifer V

Thank you so much for the two Sound Socialization Training CDs. They will be a wonderful addition to our training library. The training is terrific – I’ll be using them in puppy class this week for our puppies in training and their puppy raisers. – Kathy Kilpatrick, Canine Companions

Thank you so much for the Sound Socialization Training to use with my puppy, which I am raising for a Canine Companions for Independence.  It is a great tool in his advancement!- Katie E

Rescue GroupsRescue Groups Calm Dogs With Sound Socialization

I use your Sound Socialization training at an emergency shelter for victims of cruelty. It helps the youngins acclimatize to life outside the cage while they wait for the court order that sets them free.  –Jen G

 I use your Sound Socialization Training with the foster dogs in my home. This makes a huge difference in calming down the dogs and they are no longer jumping at every sound.  Thank you for helping these precious rescue dogs. –Rebecca C

Sound Socialization is great training! Works great with my dog. –Mitch T

My dog used to climb up my body in anxiety when children came around.   After following the training, my dog hears the children and wags her tail.  She is now a confident and relaxed dog around children. We are both much happier. Thank you for your Sound Socialization Training! –Todd B

Our breeder played your CD with my puppy and it works. My dog is CALM while dogs around her freak out to loud noises and chaos. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. -Candy B

I was able to download it — no problems at all. Having the sounds as an mp3 file will make it much easier for me to desensitize my two 9-week-old Golden Retriever puppies. You’ll be interested to know that I found out about you via the Warrior Canine Connection service puppy webcam and the “Questions for Molly” weekly live chat. I’ve been watching the two litters since last July and am delighted that the puppies are getting exposed to not only many toys, people and sounds, I’m picking up all kinds of new things to do with mine. We never stop learning, do we? It’s all good!  Your sound desensitization program will help my new little ones to grow up just as stable. Take care and keep up the good work!
-Fran LeBarron


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