Puppies learn quickly.

Puppies learn quickly so use it to your advantage.
The key is to make it positive and guided to good behaviors and manners that lay the foundation of his lifetime skill set.

It is under your guidance what he will learn if you take an active role in helping your puppy to learn life is great and good things happen when we have manners. I highly recommend you take an active role in creating a safe and happy life experience for your puppy. He will grow to be a happy, relaxed dog welcomed in his home and with others as well.

We live in a world filled with sound stimulation and it is critical to acclimate your puppy to the sounds known to create fear in a dog. It is so easy to set your puppy up to RESPOND calmly to loud, sudden sounds versus REACT in unpredictable and often harmful ways. Isn’t that enough reason to begin this training now?

In fact, it is recommended to begin socialized training while puppies are still with the litter. Service groups and top breeders use Angel Dog’s Sound Socialization worldwide to give dogs a leg up on sound socialization in the safety of a controlled environment to socialize the pups to the real sounds they will be exposed to in their life.

If you are fortunate to have a puppy that received this training, you will still want to practice recurrency training to keep your pup familiar to the sounds and the calm response they learned. It is recommended to review this training regularly while doing activities your dog enjoys.  My favorite is on hikes when others are not around. I put the CD on the phone and play it on speaker. The dogs acknowledge the sounds with a glance and keep on enjoying themselves. I’m grateful to know gunshots, sirens, thunder and more will not cause panic in my dogs nor unpredictable fearful behavior.  I usually practice this quarterly with adult dogs and more frequently with puppies.

It is so easy to provide this training. Order your download today and begin socializing your dog for a safer and more balanced dog in today’s sound stimulating world.

(NOTE: The video demonstrates training of a sound socialized dog at louder volume.
Puppies do not begin this way.)