Is your BEST BUDDY prepared for the 4th of July Fireworks CRAZINESS!?!

fearful dogDon’t leave your dogs’ well being to chance. 

When the fight or flight response is activated, dogs bodies go into emergency mode and take care of immediate and acute needs – often ending badly with lost or injured dogs.

Go to the source of your dog’s fearful anxiety to gently and safely socialize him to the loud, sudden sounds known to freak dogs out.

Sound Socialization Training is easily done in your home.  Step by step training provided by Master Trainer O’Neal Scott.

O'Neal and RoxyO’Neal developed Sound Socialization Training specifically to help dogs reduce and overcome their frantic fear of known loud and sudden sounds such as fireworks, sirens, screaming kids, loud equipment. The training is also used to prepare puppies for living calmly and confidently in our sound-stimulating world.

Sound Socialization is used around the world to help socialize our beloved dogs.  Get yours now and receive a FREE resource guide for a calm and safe dog this 4th of July.